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Welcome to my website, probably not much here thats very special but you are welcome to have a look round
I am a British ex-pat now living in the Philippines with my Wife and our three boys, so I set this site up mainly so I had somewhere I could post photos and other stuff I like, for friends mainly in the UK but also all over the world can peruse them if they want, without being bombarded with adverts.
I am constantly updating the site with new photos, jokes, bits and pieces of javascript I like, so please check back from time to time, I know there are some broken links, I am working on them when I have time, and I know a lot of vacation photos still need uploading, I started this site a few years back when I only had a very slow net connection so it was difficult to update, now my connection is a bit better but finding time with 3 boys is something else
Anyway most of it works so you are welcome to browse around, Have a nice day
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